Fan-Works and Original Works, how should they be Related?

If you want to send someone to a collection - e.g. you’re linking people to your collection of MLP fan works - then I think they’re great.

If the idea is to contribute to a public database where anyone visits one release, and then sees what they’re linked to and can explore related releases, then I think collections doesn’t achieve that. ‘Other collections’ is literally the least visible thing on the release page, and that’s saying something :stuck_out_tongue:

(note: I’m not saying we should make collections more visible, just that they might not be appropriate for the task)

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I guess by now this is a lot bigger a question than just how to relate fan works to original works. We also don’t really have a way at the moment to say even “this is part of the Star Wars franchise” or anything like that. I’m honestly not sure there’s a good way to do that other than just tagging that won’t require a new entity type, though, and I’m not sure such an entity type makes sense right now.

I’d love to have some sort of transmedia franchise entity that can link to both MusicBrainz and BookBrainz though…


FYI, some editors are already using Series to store franchises that aren’t exactly serial in nature. Should those be removed?

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The automatic series chronological order is still quite relevant, though, no?


Have done this similarly using parody and character as namespaces taking inspiration from imageboards and other tagging based sites:

If the vote count on a tag drops below 1 it will be hidden for everyone else too. Right now there is no way bypass it (except using advanced search) and show all tagged items regardless of vote count.


Thank y’all for all your replies!

That’s my idea exactly! I suppose tags can work for now though, I’ll just be sure to be consistent with my tagging… :wink:

That would be quite nice. It looks like someone’s already opened a ticket for (part of) that:

…although, for this, I might personally prefer:

I actually really like how imageboard tagging works, and it seems like it could be quite flexible. For example, in addition to franchise and fandom, you could also tag themes, mood, stylistic elements, and much more, depending on how flexible we make it.

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I like that but I also like the tidy organization that VGMDB uses for franchises, and the color coding for releases seems quite useful too. It could prove useful if the idea ever gets implemented

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Related ticket:

resurrecting this topic as it’s still on my mind, and I’ve got a new situation

so there’s this fanfiction, Fallout: Equestria… it’s in MusicBrainz as there’s multiple audiobooks and audio dramas (yet to be added). there’s also many derivative works based on this fanfic, including songs. many of the songs by the group The Wasteland Wailers, for example.

since both entities are within the scope of MusicBrainz, how should they be related? simply a “based on” relationship? should they only be related if the song is directly based off events, locations, or characters in the story, or would a song based on the world be related too?