Fan Made releases

I thought Fan made releases were not allowed on MB, but I can’t find anywhere in the documentation that states they aren’t. How is that any different than me just sitting around all day creating playlists? The only thing I can find is that playlist based on Billboard or other charts shouldn’t be allowed. Has this changed? Am I crazy? So, now all playlists are allowed, even road trips tapes I made in college? I know we’ve talked this to death, but I can’t find documentation to show that MB doesn’t want fan made stuff. I mean, we were debating playlist on Spotify put out by the artist, surely a greatest hits album made by a fan shouldn’t be considered appropriate for MB.


Turned out the release that prompted this was legitimately a remix, not a compilation. But for future reference, is there anything in documentation about fan releases?


Even if it’s not in the docs (not sure), I think it’s fair to say that no, not all playlists are allowed :stuck_out_tongue:

If someone really argues the point I’m sure it will end up in the docs very soon after, but maybe everyone’s been surprisingly mature about it for the last X years and it hasn’t been needed :thinking: :exploding_head:


I don’t think MB ever discouraged fan-made releases per se. There are plenty of fan-made releases, e.g. quite a few live bootlegs can be counted into this category (not all though, there are also professionally operating bootlegger companies). Also a lot of video game soundtracks, especially for older console games, are fan-made. Release group “Another Version of the Truth” by Nine Inch Nails - MusicBrainz is and example of a pretty professional looking live release, but still fan-made.

I think the main criteria is if it was released in some significant way. And there is a rather big gray area here.

What has always been not wanted are strictly home-made compilations. So the road trip tapes from your college times you made for yourself and your girl friend should not go into the database :smiley:

Beginners Guide - MusicBrainz says rather vaguely:

While we welcome bootlegs, we discourage adding home-made compilations or mixtapes. These kinds of releases are not widely available and any information about them is typically only useful to the individual who created them. Releases such as these are usually removed from our database.