Extract MBID Tags from MP3s


Hi all,

Is it possible to extract specific tags, including MBIDs (example AcousticID, ArtistID) from MP3s in Linux (such as Bash script etc).

Many thanks in advance


check out mutagen, it’s a python library that comes with a helper app to use on command line


Sure, there are a couple of tag reading and editing tools available. Here are a couple of suggestions: https://askubuntu.com/questions/226773/how-to-read-mp3-tags-in-shell

My favorite however is installing mutagen, which is the python library Picard uses. It provides a tool mutagen-inspect which will dump all tags of a file. This is also not limited to MP3 / ID3, so you can use it with all file formats Picard supports.


Thanks @ehrgeiz & @outsidecontext for the info, much appreciated :slight_smile: