Existing works used in medley or parts?

Pallas have been playing The Atlantis Suite for many years now. It consists of the first half of one work (Rise And Fall), then two other works (East West, March On Atlantis) and then the second half of another work (Atlantis).

These four works have been recorded and released in their full form in 1984.

The first part of Rise And Fall has been re-released as Rise And Fall Part 1 on a CD issue of the 1984 album. The second part of Atlantis (the last bit of the medley) has never been released as such.

The whole suite has been played live many times, released on live albums several times, sometimes under their original titles (using Rise And Fall Part 1, but not Atlantis Part 2, only Atlantis).

Would you call this a medley? How should I enter this in MB?


I would make The Atlantis Suite a work and a medley of …
Alternatively The Atlantis Suite recording could consist of 4 works, numbered. If Atlantis Part 2 isn’t a separate work, it’s Atlantis partial.

By now Rise and Fall is a medley of East West, March On Atlantis and Atlantis. That’s probably not true.

@ernstlx, thanks. But when I create a Work, I can only add Rise And Fall as a Part or Medley and can set the order, but cannot mark it as Partly. Rise And Fall, Part 1 is not a work either, so I guess I should make Rise And Fall, Part 1 and Atlantis, Part 2 separate works first? That doesn’t feel right.

You’re right, I have an edit waiting for votes to revert that.

You can add a new work “The Atlantis Suite” and it is “a medley of” or “has parts” or “is based on”…
If it’s a medley the original work don’t have to be fully used (same “based on”). If you like to use “parts” you have to provide the parts too, if they do not exist yet. (Atlantis Part 2 would be “part of” Atlantis and The Atlantis Suite.)


So to be clear…

The work will be The Atlantis Suite, which is a medley of Rise And Fall, East West, March On Atlantis, and Atlantis, right?

I cannot select “part” when I create a new work. I can select “part” when I link a work to a recording. And we’re talking about creating a new work here, so selecting “part” on Rise And Fall and Atlantis is not an option.

There is a work-work relationship “parts”
Go to the work -> “Edit” -> “Add relationship” and you can add a relationship for a work -> parts

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