Example scripting for file naming

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007fe30c18d868>

Is there some way of testing a filenaming pattern, other than making the changes in the menu, adding a song, running the lookup and save?

I’m trying to configure the file naming such that it produces:
<artist> - <album> - <trackNumber> - <trackName>.mp3
example :
The Monkees - Greatest Hits [Deluxe Edition] - 01 - (Theme From) The Monkees.mp3

If the examples shown when you enter your file naming script aren’t sufficient, you could enter a script in the scripting section that assigns your naming script to a tag and then look at the tag on the right hand list (without saving the files) to see if it will do what you want. For example, you could enter a script (in the script section – not the file naming section) like:

$set(proposed_name,%albumartist% - %album% - $num(%tracknumber%,2) - %title%.%_extension%)

Leave the script disabled. Then once your files have been matched to a release (and have moved to the right hand side), right-click on a track and click (or hover over) “Run scripts”. Then click on the script that you just created to preview the file names. The script will run for that track, and a new tag will be created in the tag list on the right hand side showing the new proposed file name. To avoid this new tag from being written to the file, right-click the album and select “Refresh”.