Event type for musicals/opera/ballet (STYLE-577)

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I’ve attached a poll with the discussed options to the first post. Please do give your opinions! :slight_smile:



I’m missing the option “rename concert to live performance” (aka “one type is enough, but the term ‘concert’ may be too narrow”).


Gah. That’s a good point, but it won’t let me edit the poll.


I don’t like “live performance”. :confused: A festival might not be a single performance, but is it not live? A launch event is usually done live, I believe. I would hope that a masterclass would be performed live at least.


Maybe two distinct polls (wording & hierarchy) were needed?

It is live, but not a single performance :slight_smile:

Most of the time it is on a stage as well.

Teaching can be challenging, but it doesn’t qualify as a live performance/show, most of the time.