Event collection calendar

Has anyone figured out a way to get an Event collection (like Attending) into a calendar format that could be loaded into something like Google Calendar? I used to use Last.fm’s Event/iCal feature until they got rid of it. A replacement using MusicBrainz would be neat.


Interesting idea. I don’t think it’s currently possible, though.

I wonder if this would be doable as a GCI task? Maybe something like “write a script to fetch a collection, and if it’s a collection of Events, generate an iCal file with the Event data”? Or would this be too much to tackle maybe?

@caroline-g or @opatel99 or @stanislas, what do you think?


@Freso, I don’t know that much about this type of task (@opatel99 or @stanislas would know better than I would), but it seems like it could be doable as a “difficult” level GCi task.

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