Error: Work not showing in dropdown menu for adding to Edition

I created a Work for the novelette Willa by Stephen King:

I created an Edition for the collection Just After Sunset which contains Willa:

I tried adding the Work as a Relationship in the Edition, but Willa does not appear in the dropdown menu.

That is curious. My guess would be that this is an issue with the search results somehow not showing the work as one of the 9 options it returns by default.
I’ll investigate the issue, most likely similar to this ticket:

In the meantime, so that you can continue editing, you can paste the BBID or the full URL of the Work into the relationship editor, and it will be recognized.

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Thanks. I typed the URL (I wish I could copy and paste data into the Relationship field, but the system won’t allow it) of the Work and entered it that way. At least there is a workaround.

Ah, that’s even more surprising !
Are you trying to paste text into the first search field in the relationship editor (the one marked “Other Entity”?) and that doesn’t work?

I am using the latest edition of Google Chrome for Mac.

It happens on certain dropdown menus: Relationships, Publisher, Edition Group. I right click using my mouse to bring up the list of actions and “Paste” is not there:

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I have just encountered another Work that doesn’t show in the list of relationships “N.”:

It must be due to the character length.

Maybe not, as I found “Mute” and “Ayana” without any problems.

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Ah, I see the issue now.
It seems that pasting via keyboard shortcut or via the browser’s menu works, but right-clicking on the field does not offer the option to paste.
I’ve created an issue for that:

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Unlike young people who use all sorts of shortcuts, I use a mouse🐭

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