Error While Setting Up

Hello everyone, I was facing some issue while setting up the repository. I have done using docker and now when i’m the server im getting the below error.

Would be great if anyone could help me out. Thanks!

Hi @anurag23 and welcome !

Let’s try to figure out what is happening.

Looking at the error you posted, I would assume one of three things:

  1. the postgres container is not running or has encountered an error (looking at the logs here would be useful, with the command docker-compose logs postgres)
  2. you are running the website directly on your machine while postgres is run with Docker
    In that case, your config/config.json file should be amended to point to the right addresses (see local setup config example)

One thing to note is that we had some issues with some local dev setup scripts that have just been merged this morning, and may have impacted your setup.
I would encourage you to pull the latest version of the repo and redo the steps to set up your local database if you had any issue come up during DB setup.

If you want a more direct conversation you can also join us on our IRC channel :slight_smile:

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Thanks, ill join the IRC channel as well.