Error when applying sort order to parts

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After some merging parts of this work are sorted with gaps: there are parts 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, but there are gaps on positions 3, 5, 7. I would like to re-apply the sort order to remove gaps.

Screenshot #1: this is how it looks like directly after opening for edit. So far no surprises.


Screenshot #2: clicked on “These relationships have a specific ordering”. Nr. 7 “Wo Isabella bleibt” (the first row in the previous screenshot) disappeared from the list.


Screenshot #3: clicked on “These relationships have a specific ordering” again. Only one row remains in the list, all other rows disappeared.


Screenshot #4: clicked once more. One row re-appeared.


Further clicking does not change anything, the same 2 rows remain.

I have not saved the changes, so you may use this work to “play” with the GUI to reproduce the error.

I have already encountered this error before. If the changes are saved, some rows are saved in a numbered list, other rows in a non-numbered list. When editing the same list again afterwards, it may be properly sorted. So this bug is not a showstopper, one just have to edit a work twice. Still, it is pretty annoying. Maybe a GUI developer may look on this reproduceable example and check if a fix is trivial.

Please do not save the changes after playing with this example, to give more readers of this topic a chance to reproduce the error. I will fix it in a week or so.


Reported it on your behalf:


I’ve seen that happen many times on lists like that. It is not specific to Works, but anything in an ordered list. It is related to a bug that also lets you add the same thing into a list more than once.

Last time I mentioned it I was told there are already tickets for it.

From experience with it, even though one item has disappeared from the GUI, don’t worry, it is still there in the database. Just not displayed correctly. Save the edit and the open the page again and you’ll see all is fine.

Similar issues appear when shuffling up a list, or renumbering it.