Error or two releases?

I have been re-ripping my library to FLAC and filling in any holes I see in the data. Usually I compare the discid I get with the track durations and this one was off:

Track 8 is Etudes / Death of Kaspar, duration 2:48
Track 9 is The Gypsies / Journey Across Europe, duration 2:07

That is how it is listed on the back cover, but my discid has these track times:
Track 8 - 1:18
Track 9 - 3:37

I realized that they moved Death of Kaspar (90 seconds) to Track 9 on my disc.

There are two discids for this, and everything else matches. Do I make a second release so that we can get the tracks titled properly?



There are two very different (at least in track 8/9) discIDs attached to this release.

One is
8 2:48
9 2:07

The other is
8 1:18
9 3:37

The discIDs’ corresponding FreeDB entries have listings:
8. II. Vienna - Etudes; Death Of Kaspar 2:48
9. III. Oxford - The Gypsies; Journey Across Europe 2:06

  1. Etudes _ Death of Kaspar 1:18
  2. Oxford _ The Gypsies, Journey Across Europe 3:37

Total time is 295 or 294 seconds in both cases, but it seems like there must be more to it than simply swapping track order?

I’ve been listening to the tracks and I believe this is what is on them:
8. Etudes
9. Death of Kaspar / The Gypsies / Journey Across Europe

Death of Kaspar is 90 seconds.

It is a very odd break, though! They moved the last piece from “II. Vienna” and it is now sharing a track with “III. Oxford”

So, 2:48 - 1:30 = 1:18
and 2:07 + 1:30 = 3:37

Makes sense by the times and the music, but not by anything else - lol.

I think it has to be two releases, otherwise the track information will be off - but it just seems a little wrong.


Googling “The Gypsies, Journey Across Europe 3:37” brings up results from Western Samoa, Korea, Japan, Brasil, El Salvadore and Russia. Very exotic.

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Perhaps a mastering error on early pressings give the initial/wrong 2:48/2:06 split and later pressings corrected the error without a corresponding correction to the artwork?

EDIT: note that this would still be a separate release.

I think you’re right, it must be a mastering error. So, the answer is, “Error AND two releases.”



Done. I’m glad all the releases don’t take so much effort; I would never get through my library otherwise!