Error: Network timeout

Error: Network timeout
I’m a user of Musicbrainz. Since a many month Picard dont fine. I can’t access the website. I know the website is up because I can access it using a VPN and on my mobile device when I’m not on wifi. Any help would be appreciated.

My Ip address is:

Is it because of my ip address?

I am not able to comment on whether has put any sort of constraint on your IP address, but it could simply be a routing issue between your part of the internet and musicbrainz.

Have you tried doing a “tracert -d” to see if there is a problem somewhere in the route?

Don’t know about “tracert -d”.
Tried it.
From 1 - 8 I get times displayed.
from 9 - 30 I get the message:
Request timeout

Your IP was blocked on our side, because it was used in the past to abuse our services (search for QNAP on those forums).

I just removed it, so you should now be able to access our services again.
Sorry for the inconvenience.