Entity merging tools “mb. MERGE HELPOR 2”

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Thanks @culinko for bring this topic to discussion. My mind is really not set despite my strong personal preference to not merge old entities into recent duplicates. :nerd_face:

Continuing the discussion from Your favourite User Scripts for MusicBrainz?! (so that they can be used while redesigning!):

It’s been a personal obsession to merge newer duplicates into pre‐existing entities rather than the opposite.
Even if the target data has to be fixed at the same time (better title style or missing artist credits).
I had made a user script to ease spotting the oldest created MBID (mb. MERGE HELPOR 2) and a wiki page to list the known inconvenients of merging old entities into newer ones.


But maybe the inconvenience is mostly theoritical to me as I don’t use flickr machine tags any more and as mb. COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTER is just a user script.

The MERGE HELPOR also has other useful features for merge editors (mostly on the merge page itself), such as:

  • Highlights last clicked entity
  • Shows additional info for each about to be merged entities — An old example for works: https://imgur.com/5AlDF — each entity types has its set of added info, like amount of recordings, works, etc. for artists
  • Indicates oldest MBID
  • “Remove entity from merge” buttons
  • “Clear queue and add to merge” button — doesn’t reload page for nothing when nothing is checked (currently broken feature, apparently)


Other than the age of the MBID, does it make a difference which direction the merge goes? If I merge a newer (but more complete) entry into an older but sparser one, will anything be lost? (If not, why doesn’t MB just pick for us based on the oldest MBID?)


Yes, source data is partially lost.
Merge edits are destructive.
I can list what is lost depending on the type of entity that is merge when I have some more time.


I can list what is lost depending on the type of entity that is merge when I have some more time.

Yes please. It would be great to have this documented somewhere.