Embedding Artwork to mp3 Ubuntu

I’m trying to embed artwork to mp3 files but it doesn’t apply the artwork to every mp3 file. I’m using Ubuntu. Can someone help me?

The GNOME thumbnail service sometimes has problems updating the thumbnails for files, happens on my system as well form time to time. As a first test I usually just rename the file in Nautilus and see if the thumbnail then shows correctly.

To trick the service to regenerate the thumbnail for the existing filename you can also just update the files modification time by running e.g. touch "10 My Same.mp3" in a terminal.

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touch doesn’t seem to do anything but create other files.

touchwill create the file if it does not exist. The above was just an example, you need to be in the proper directy of course and need the file name of the actual file you want to update.

But you can also clear the thumbnail cache, it is located in ~/.cache/thumbnails