Electric Light Orchestra Part II

There really should be some type of relationship type in the database for band splinter groups. Electric Light Orchestra Part II would be an example. Seems like it should be linked to Electric Light Orchestra, right? I tried applying the “Founded by” relationship for this but I’m not sure that’s right.

Other band splinter groups would include The Heads, (splinter from the Talking Heads) Operation: Mindcrime, (splinter from Queenschryche) and Atlantis Philharmonic II.

Maybe there should be added a “successor to” / “successor of” relationship for artists?


depending on the exact relationship of the two groups, you could sometimes use “Subgroup”. for example, one of the bands I’m working on started as a side project of another band Exhumator. note the relationship between the two I added.

I do also think that a “Successor of” relationship might be a good addition though. for now, you could add a link in the annotations of both groups.


The Sisters of Mercy and The Mission [UK] are another example.

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