Edits disappeared, they are in history, but not in the data

I’m updating https://musicbrainz.org/release/556ddc3f-fbed-4748-a915-be13667f1150 CD by CD.

I just wanted to continue, but noticed that lots of my edits just vanished…
They are still present in the history of edits for the release.

For instance: I added all relationships to the works & recordings for CD2, CD3 (Variations pour une porte et un soupir & Messe de Liverpool), I can find them in the automatically applied edits, but not in the release data or relationship editor.

Anyone has an idea what happened?
Can these edits be restored some way? Or should they be done again?


You abandoned the recordings which led to their deletion or when orphaned[1] have become standalone recordings

That’s why it’s advised to always merge. Now you have to merge them either way or re-enter everything and delete the orphaned recordings.

Had they still been attached to a release it would’ve been quite easy and painless to merge them with the mass merge script by @jesus2099
Now it needs to be done manually one by one.

  1. Meaning they were still in use, had other pending edits or were added as standalone recordings ↩︎


Thanks a lot for the explanation.

So I guess what happened is:
-I connected the release to other duplicate recordings after renaming the tracks
-After that I edited the relationships, but the previous edit wasn’t yet applied (7 days)
-Thus I actually edited the recordings that were orphaned and automatically removed.

And the solution is to just keep the duplicate recordings linked, and merge these with the existing ones.

Lesson learned the hard way…

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Don’t worry too much, with MB that’s often the only way to learn!