Edit wiki or open ticket?

Is it appropriate for me to edit a guideline directly in the wiki, or should I open a ticket? I’ve been encouraged in the past to edit the wiki, and have done so a few times. They have been mostly just typo or grammar fixes, but I did make one substantial edit a few weeks ago, which I mentioned in a forum thread so it wouldn’t be missed. There has been no discussion of it, so I don’t know if wiki edits get reviewed/discussed/approved.

But I have seen others open tickets for documentation changes, which has prompted me to ask this question.


Thanks for your contribution and mentioning the issue. It’s not always very clear.

Small changes are reviewed and approved by transclusion editors (currently active @reosarevok and I), but substantial edits should be discussed in the STYLE ticketing process (also handled by @reosarevok anyway). Also when editing the wiki, summary can be helpful to explain the reason for the change.

That is not a guarantee at all. Tickets are much more appropriate for a proper follow-up.


For what it’s worth, Release Group / Type isn’t really a style guideline and doesn’t necessarily go through the style process, but given the change is significant, at the very least it should have its own forum thread to discuss it before applying it IMO. You said you mentioned it in a forum thread, but I can’t find it so I guess it was as a comment rather than the main thread topic? :slight_smile: Although maybe it’s just quite old since the wiki edit is.

For /Style pages, the style guideline change process should be followed (so at least a ticket) and having a discussion in the forum would be very useful unless the change is trivial.

In this case, “The MusicBrainz project does not generally consider the following to be soundtracks” is a very bold claim - unless there’s a different page that already says that or a dedicated discussion that led to the proposal, I’m not sure it can be made :slight_smile: Which is why I saw this a while ago but never transcluded it into the official docs - but also forgot to ask you about it, sorry :slight_smile:


Here’s the thread where I first mentioned it. What is a "Soundtrack"

I created a new thread to discuss the proposed change:

Proposed text for definition of "Soundtrack" on Release Group /Type documentation