Edit dates changed?

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On January 7, I added album art to this release, and removed some lower-resolution art (https://musicbrainz.org/release/5cb63dbd-7e58-46f3-93c4-0cb83fa7e42c).

This morning, I noticed there were some open edits on the release, so I wanted to check them out. I found that all the edits I performed on January 7 are new listed as having been done on January 28. I never even visited musicbrainz.com on January 28.

I don’t understand.


Opened: 2021-01-08 07:02 GMT+1
Closed: 2021-01-15 08:00 GMT+1

Edits have an Opened (created at) date (when you make the edit) and a Closed (when it applies) date.

Yes, thanks. On the same day, I made these edits:

Yet they are all marked as having happened 3 weeks later. It’s not a big deal, just a curiosity.

Only https://musicbrainz.org/edit/76255359 had the date you say and all the others are later.
I don’t know. I never saw such wrong dates before… :thinking:

I don’t know what happened between Jan 7th and Jan 28th, but I’ve only seen these edits on the 30th apparently, which is when I voted on them. I tend to go through cover art removals almost daily, so I would’ve seen them before, and I can’t remember seeing them before…

https://ia800408.us.archive.org/10/items/mbid-5cb63dbd-7e58-46f3-93c4-0cb83fa7e42c/ shows that the last two images were uploaded on the 28th though.

Looking through that directory, TIL that cover art doesn’t actually get removed from CAA when it gets removed from MB. I always thought it got lost forever, good to see that it actually doesn’t.

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Cover Art archive release page is linked from the Cover Art tab: https://archive.org/details/mbid-5cb63dbd-7e58-46f3-93c4-0cb83fa7e42c
Then there your can click SHOW ALL: https://archive.org/download/mbid-5cb63dbd-7e58-46f3-93c4-0cb83fa7e42c to see all present and past images (deleted from MB).

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Half the time I spend on MB is on the cover art tab and I’ve never seen that link before, or at least it never caught my eye. It should be made more visible, IMO.

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Well, its usefulness is quite limited, you very rarely need it, don’t you?

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While I agree that it’s rarely a necessity to have it, it would’ve been quite useful to know of in the past. There’s at least one edit in recent memory where that link could have been useful (and it actually would have been, too). I always thought cover art got deleted permanently (which is why over half of my votes are on cover art removals), knowing that it doesn’t made me rest easier last night.

Anyway, that’s going completely off-topic. This is a weird issue, considering that everything points to those edits being made on the 28th. If the edits were somehow held back internally for 2-3 weeks, I’d expect the dates on CAA to point to when the cover art was uploaded, and conversely, if it was archive.org that was having issues, the removals would’ve still gone through, right?

I know it’s yet another userscript :sweat:, but, when I go to this edit, I directly see the removed image, inline, with thick red borders. It’s very handy. And the link to this image can be then provided to other reviewers.