East Coast and West Coast and European


I want to add a band that does something similar to what Trans-Siberian Orchestra does — where they have multiple traveling shows so that they can perform multiple shows at the same time in multiple parts of the world.

I have two questions -
1 is there anything I should do to note the various troupes?

2 is there anything I should do to note the recording members vs the touring members?
I am thinking maybe Members vs Supporting Members? Would that work.
Please note, I can’t use TSO as a guide, because I don’t if TSO actually uses “touring” members or not.


@HibiscusKazeneko has worked with the TSO and might have some ideas on dealing with this :slight_smile:


What exactly are you trying to do? Add Events?
What I’ve done for bands like TSO and Mannheim Steamroller is add the main tour as one Series, with two subseries for each troupe’s leg. I haven’t done anything at the Artist level; I used the main artist for all Events/Series. Granted, I have had thoughts that this might need to be different because both troupes have different touring members. Perhaps each troupe should be its own subgroup with members linked? I don’t think there’s ever been any formal Style discussion about this.


I am not ready to try events yet.
As of now, I just want to add the band, the albums, and the members.

The problem is the members.
They have the “core” band. That would be the easy part.

But, because like TSO, when they hit the road, the “core” splits up and runs multiple shows at the same time with “touring” members. That’s where I was wondering how I should write it.


You can add a new artist for each touring company and link the members to the subgroup (as well as the main group). There is a “subgroup of” relationship that you can use to link the different touring companies to the main group.


So I can create “Band X” with members “John Smith” and “John Doe”. No different than I normally would.
And then I would create a subgroup for “West Coast” with member “Tom Thumb”

or would I put both “John Smith” and “Tom Thumb” in the West ?

How do I note that John Smith is a member of the main band and the leader of the West Coast group? Or does that not matter?

I guess once I get in there, some of it may make more sense.


You can link him to both the main group and the subgroup.