Easiest way to find all new releases

Hi, I want to be able to determine all new releases, so I would like to set up a MusicBrainz server, or be able to query an API or database.

What is the easiest working way to do this?

I have set up a music brainz server successfully before, but trying to do it again and it seems like literally all methods are broken/have poor instructions.

Newly added releases or newly released? I think you can get both from MB database dump

Hi @MrClon, newly released. Ideally I would like to enable replication so that I can write a job which regularly checks for the new releases, but a database dump is better than not having access to data. Where do you recommend getting the database dump? (and how to load it)

Here links to DB schema and dumps. looks like you need only release, release_country and release_unknown_country tables. I don’t try to setup replication, i use dumps, self-made python script and sqlite, it’s enough to me

Thank you for the suggestion !!!

I’m using a slave docker, works well.

Doing direct sql against DB is painfull as the schema is complex, I’ve got much better results using xml api, if you run it against your own slave there is no limits how often you call it, it’s fast.