Earliest AcoustID?

Is there any way to find which acoustID was added to a recording first? I’m looking at a stand-alone recording that has a lot of conflicting IDs attached, and the comment from the creation edit indicates that the original editor added one of them. But I can’t see a way to tell which one.

Recording: https://musicbrainz.org/recording/1c090422-305c-4792-9b24-814847d6242c

which was added with the note “have recording, will add acoustic ID for hopeful future ID”

That doesn’t seem to be possible. However, here’s some theorycrafting:

If each of those fingerprint IDs had only one source, you could have tried to pinpoint the date based on the ID values. For that you would have also needed some reference IDs you knew the date of. For example, you know that ID100 was created in 2018-08-01 and ID200 was created in 2018-08-04. The ID you’re trying to identify is ID150 so now you know it was created between those dates. Then the dates could be compared to the edit note date.

My more realistic reply: I’d just remove the recording straight-away. It isn’t linked to anything in MB and it would be totally backwards if MB editors had to identify which recording a fingerprint belongs to. Currently that recording is just a list of random fingerprints.

Normally the idea of deleting worries me.
But the sense I make of that recording worries me more.
My understanding:
AcoustIDs for a variety of [unknown] Recordings by [unknown] Artists are being matched/gathered by by the MB db.

Humour: Basically this looks like dust and fluff building up behind the sofa. As far as I know databases aren’t meant to collect dust and fluff. Or have sofas.

I’ve emailed the contributing editor asking if they have more data that could return this entity to being a unique Recording.

EDIT: I have emailed the contributing editor, pointed them to this thread and suggested that they listen to the Recording and make a unique name for it.