EAN Barcode help

I have a copy of Thelonious Monk Trio that I think is identical to this release, based on the date and label. Mine shows copyright 1982, made in US, on the Prestige / Original Jazz Classics label. The catalog number and barcodes do not match, however I have questions about both of those.

Catalog number on mine is OJCCD-010-2 (P-7027) reflecting the OJC style of reissuing older Prestige releases. However the cover reproduces the original LP cover, including the original catalog info “Prestige LP 7027”. I’m fairly sure the editor who entered this release got it from there.

The barcode, though, puzzles me. My CD has barcode 025218001021 . The barcode on the release is 3218030999301 which appears to be an EAN. I don’t know much about EANs, but ean-search.org says that this one was issued in France.

So does anyone know how to validate an EAN from 1982? If not, I can just create another release, but I hate to do that when one appears to be wrong. (The editor who entered this has been inactive for several years, or I would ask them.)

Create a new release if the barcodes differ. I don’t think the EAN is wrong, there are other OJC releases with similar barcodes, eg. https://www.discogs.com/The-Bill-Evans-Trio-Moon-Beams/release/4388753

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True, but that is identified in discogs as a French release. So perhaps the barcode is correct but the release country is wrong.

For what it’s worth, I took Kid_Devine’s advice and created a new release. I’m leaving the other one alone for someone with deeper knowledge to investigate (maybe, someday).