Duplicate releases? Merge? (e.g. Bob Dylan - Bootleg Series, Vol. 8)


there are several releases, but IMHO the releases (with same number of mediums) are the same and should be merged โ€“ at least the European releases (GB and DE).

E.g. For me both releases are the same!


In the history both releases start with the same edit (https://musicbrainz.org/edit/9541624).

Why are there two releases? How does this work?


Releases in same release group usually have the same tracklist for most of them.

But according to Discogs, for European release, they are not all manufactured by the same label. ARVATO vs SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT. And maybe others, I didnโ€™t check all.

As the manufacturing details are not set yet, yes you could merge, but thatโ€™s if you check there are no conflicting data (cover arts, Disc IDs, etc.)

Adding multiple releases at once occurred before or current data structure, pre-NGS, before 18 May 2011.


Iโ€™ll merge the European 2 CD editions (as I own one [only files and package available, CDs currently not in the house]), just DE and UK.
I canโ€™t see no relevant difference here and on Discogs there are also only European releases, i.e. no own DE and UK releases (but also other, non-European releases). Both are manufactured by Arvato (even if one has a Sony logo on the matrix).
Discogs typically has more details (manufactor, matrix) and so they often have more releases.

Since we have no other details here (neither in comment, nor in description) and no different Discogs links, i.e. no conflicting data, I see no problem of merging them here.