Duplicate artist

I was looking for the artist “Caroline Smith” and found Caroline Smith - MusicBrainz with no releases.

Then I added the album I was looking for: “Half About Being a Woman” from 2013 (release group, release and recordings).

Only then I found out, that there’s an artist Your Smith - MusicBrainz with the album I was looking for. Seems that since 2018 the artist is named “Your Smith” (which I wasn’t aware of).

  1. What’s the best way to handle this? Should I delete the newly created release group, release and recordings?

  2. What’s with the artist Caroline Smith - MusicBrainz? Should it be deleted too? Its existence was the main cause for this mess and it’s already present as an alias for “Your Smith”!


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  1. Merge Rather Than Delete - MusicBrainz Wiki
  2. Style/Artist - MusicBrainz Wiki
    Style/Artist Credits - MusicBrainz Wiki

I’d merge release group, release and recordings. I would use artist credits if necessary (if Caroline is used on release). I’d merge Caroline Smith in Your Smith and use aliases.

Don’t merge Caroline Smith unless Your Smith also featured on an album by Gigamesh: Release “Time Travel” by Gigamesh - MusicBrainz

I also found that Gigamesh release looking at the “Caroline Smith” edit history. Seems the duplicate artist was introduced for that release - probably the editor wasn’t recognizing “Your Smith” as the appropriate one (just like me). So how should this be handled?

Gigamesh – Time Travel (2016, File) - Discogs

Two links there seem to think it is same person.

You merge the newer artist (Caroline Smith) into the older one (Your Smith). Merge link on the right hand side of the screen.

Your Smith already has an alias setup of Caroline Smith.

Then you do a merge edit for the duplicated Release Group, and then the Release. Merging your newer one into the older one.

The merges then fix all the links. Post back here and we’ll help check :slight_smile:


Ok, finished the edit.


Your Smith | Music Topics | Local Current Blog | The Current from Minnesota Public Radio seems to also confirm that the Gigamesh collaborator and Your Smith are one and the same.

A disambig is always a good idea for Artists whose names aren’t large primary numbers. :man_student:
In this case there is a least one other Caroline Smith ready to mess up the clarity you’ve created. A disambig can help. Role, genre, dates, geographical tag - whatever will steer a hurried editor away from mis-using Artist Your Smith.


It’s the same person, but maybe a different project of hers. Already has a separate MB entry Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps - MusicBrainz.

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