Dubious releases

There is not a lot of info on this release and I cannot find any other reference. How can we check if this was not a CDR made by someone?

The only album I could find any info about was a 24 bits (possibly 5.1 mix) DVD-A with these albums (Down To Earth and Remember The Future) but the other way around.

How do we deal with items like this?

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The editor has only a history of 5 add release edits without edit notes.
If you know the artist well and you researched and didn’t find have of this release anywhere, you may remove the release, IMO.
You can notify the original editor in their add release edit and put a link to this topic and to your remove edit with edit note.


I’ve left a note on the original edit. If nothing happens for a while I’ll go and use the Remove link.


Also look over on the right hand side of the Release. There is an option to “Change Data Quality”.

Set that to LOW so it clear that this is something questionable.



I can only find the home-cooked quad edition which originated from a russian site. The uploader there states the origin as a mix of

    Исходная фонограмма: Original Bacillus quad master copy 15 inch/s (оригинальный дискретный микс, НЕ матричный, не редактированный)

    Исходная фонограмма: SQ-CD Bellaphon 289.09.006 (first press)

That one was released in DVD-A format so wouldn’t have a DISC ID, though.

Yeah I saw that but I wanted to find out what the requirements were before I used it. Now you’re explaining it, I get what it stands for so I’ll do that, first. :slight_smile:

I found that one as well and downloaded it to check the contents). Translation of the contents:

Transfer and recovery: 2009
Total Duration: 36 '+ 37' = 73 '
Sound: 4.0 LPCM 24/96 + 4.0 LPCM 24 / 44.1
Graphics: NTSC 480p 16: 9
Original soundtrack: Original Bacillus quad master copy 15 inch / s (original discrete mix, NOT matrix, not edited)
Transfer audio output stream: 4.0 LPCM 24/96
Original track: SQ-CD Bellaphon 09/09/006 (first press)
Type of Edita: 24bit quadraphony restoration
Audio Output Stream: 4.0 LPCM 24 / 44.1

Technical information

Remember the Future - direct LP transfer, a small correction of high-frequency noise of the tract.
Down to Earth - decoded from SQ-CD to 4.0 24bit using an Adobe script, fixed matrix phase error, no-noise correction (Sonic Solution). Upsampling was not performed, carrying 44.1kHz.
Nuance: the graphics are not anamorphic, on some TVs the autoformat fools, but in "16: 9" everything works correctly.
Gag: Remember the Future - one of the most beautiful prog-rock albums of the 70s and one of the most interesting quad-mixes. Tried to match ...
Contents of the torrent: iso image for recording by any program in image mode.
Compatible with DVD-A players and software supporting format: full.

So RTF is an LP transfer from a quad mix (the first LPs were quad mixes).
The DTE 289.09.006 is a regular CD, the first CD re-issue. SQ? Can CDs contain a quad mix?

They can, but they don’t.

Cool, didn’t know that!

Actually, there are some very rare CDs that contain SQ mixes but it was much more common on LPs. There was a guy named OxfordDickie who decoded all of this stuff a few years back to DVD-A and dts format with some complicated decoding scripts, cf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stereo_Quadraphonic#Usage
We’re completely off-topic now :slight_smile:

Good info, thanks! With a name like that he is easy to find. :slight_smile: I am going to compare the DVD-A mixes I now have of RTF and DTE with the other mixes I have. Well, when I have access to proper equipment, that is…

Ah, okay, so SQ uses an external decoder. In that case, it does seem more plausible that there was a quad release of Down to Earth on CD. The kind of four-channel I was talking about has to be done in the CD player, and there’s reason to suspect that there are no mass-produced players for such discs.

If I understand correctly, this file you quoted is the evidence that this is a home-made compilation of two distinct mediums on one… CD-R.

We should just remove this bogus release now that you got this info.

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Ah sorry for the confusion, that text file I quoted was about a different home-made compilation with the same albums. Still waiting for extra info from the user who submitted the entry. But not for long…

It could be but I doubt it. Bellaphone released a bunch of older LPs on CD at the time, mostly Omega and Nektar, and there was no remixing or whatever involved.

I am going to compare my vinyls with the CD versions, or simply all versions I have and can find. :slight_smile: