Drums vs. drumset

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Just a minor correction: There was no bot in place changing relationships. It was “just” a name change (and of course this affects all existing relationships).

But yes, a big +1 for getting a bot in place to fix this up. I have started correcting this for some drummers, but it is very tedious work. And seeing all those “performed membranophone” entries really hurts my eyes :smiley:


And hopefully the bot can also fix the musicians playing ‘families’ instead of instruments issue:


No secret rooms FWIW, our IRC channels are all open :wink:


The IRC channels are promoted almost everywhere the forums are; e.g.,

Additionally, both our channels (which both have more than a 100 users in them as I’m writing this) are logged and the logs are publicly available. Since it’s relevant to this topic, here are the logs from the talk @CatQuest, @reosarevok, and I had in #musicbrainz as well as the short summary of the same during last night’s weekly meeting in #metabrainz:


I only really visit MusicBrainz and this forum so finding the IRC channels is a bit hit and miss. Trouble is I am trying to visit here to relax around my music hobby and get away from the computers. :smiley:

Thanks @Freso for the links. Have read those chunks now.

When the @FresoBot has been updated, I would think it would be useful if you can have a “targeted mode”. Something that allows a whole Artist - either Band or Single person - to be targeted for “correction”. This would then allow a swap from “Membranononophone” to “Drum Set (drums)” for Rock bands.

And if a bulk rename happens, the same bot can help undo those bands who have accidentally become “Drum Set (drums)” instead of “drum”.

Maybe have a thread dedicated to “Instrument Corrections”. Then an artist or band that is spotted as being heavily wrong can be corrected quicker. This would also cover the issue @hiccup mentioned above where “guitar family” has slid into an artist.

When looking at Nirvana saw lots of worryingly loose “bass” entries too. This would be again handy if we can say "For the Band “Nirvana” change all entries of “Bass” to “Bass Guitar”. (I did see previous discussions on this topic too)

Human eyes will always be superior to a bot. So Human Checks are needed. Humans requesting the corrections seem important to me. The human should always have the last say. :slight_smile:


I should probably point out that wherever “membranophone” is listed using the “programming” relationship, the bot should probably replace those with “drum machine” rather than “drums (drum set)”.


… and the membraphone → drums change is possible with this script


And it works very nicely on a release-by-release basis, but with over 200,000 recordings featuring “membranophone”, it’s still gonna take a looong time.

BTW could you add ‘guitar family’/‘guitar’ as options as well? There are a more manageable number of those - though also, I would guess, even better targets for a bot-based cleanup.


If I get bored at the weekend I’ll have a look at that and see if I can learn how to run it. It will help my OCD on the bands I deal with. Even if there is eventually a bulk change to the database it would probably still be good to get as many corrected drum set (drums) in place as possible.

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Added in version 2018.8.18

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How about “violin family”/“violin”? I’ve seen that at least once.

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Hello @CatQuest, are there any updates on this that you could share?

The accompanying ticket for this is https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/OTHER-329
we are waiting for this to be coded/worked on, after which things should be much in order.
afaik @freso is also waiting for something - I’ll let him explain that part.
We also want to conduct a poll to see which thing you all think is the best replacement; should blank credits be moved to “drums” or “drumset”. This poll will be made Soon™, right now everyone’s a bit busy with preparations for GCI, BookBrainz, and general stuff esp @reosarevok (as explained in the blog) and @freso (who’s the Lead Admin for GCI)


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Sorry to dig out a two year old thread… but what happened to the plans to fix the Membranophone confuddlements in the MB database?

When I see membranophones in the artists I am working with I try and fix them as often as possible. But this is a slow old process by hand. Especially as I have just stepped into tagging some of my Pink Floyd albums… far too many membranophones to fix in there!

Maybe there is a script someone has made that can be pointed at a Relationships page and do all the clicking for me? It would be good if I could point a tool at a per Release or per Artist basis and make the adjustments.

Generally with a single release it is easy to know which type of drums it will be. And mostly with the artist too.

It seems sensible to me to arm some of us who care with “Correction Toolkits” to help push this forward?


There is the old capitalisation_gun bot that has been used to fix deprecated relationships before. Perhaps it could be repurposed for this?

I volunteered to use FresoBot for this, however @FresoBot is currently out of commission due to a local PostgreSQL update to version 11, which I wasn’t able to cleanly port the MusicBrainz database up to, so I need to find some time to re‐import the MB db so it is usable again… And then I need to write the actual code for doing the updating (unless someone beats me to it :wink: ).

I’m a bit wary to start coding the bot to do this without knowing exactly what it’s supposed to do, which is something @CatQuest was going to make a poll about… Once I had started on the coding. So that part is currently in a bit of a catch‐22.


Thanks for the update @Freso I understand that old “finding the time” hassle :wink: - Problems always seem to expand to fit the time available.

I do totally understand the issue with unleashing the bot on the WHOLE database… that is certainly not trivial.

To be honest… part of this post was also seeing if any of the scripting experts were interested in a “targeted correction tool” which can be used at Release level to correct small sets of Recordings.

When I am looking at a Relationships page for a release I will often manually correct the ones I see. That can take a lot of clicking once it gets to a double or more album. Or worse when looking at the 16 disc Discovery set for Pink Floyd… just too many discs to contemplate doing by hand.

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So, after something like year gone by now, it looks like the ideas of fixing this ‘membranophone’ mishap by means of bots or forum polls were not realistic.
I’m no database expert, but wouldn’t (shouldn’t) it be possible to just find all existing ‘membranophone’ entries that currently exist in the database, and simply revert them to the state they were in before they were changed to membranophone?

That already exists :slight_smile: (I’m using it!). I think it’s this script - in any case, it’s by @loujin and it runs in the relationship editor.