Drag and drop question

This is probably very simple once one knows what to do but for now I am stumped.

Use case is matching part of a larger release like a DVD or Blu-ray. In this release, there are several versions of the same tracks, like “Stereo”, “Mono” and “5.1 mixes”. That means the release has, say 3x 15 tracks which have the same names.

I only want to match the last group of 15 tracks. However, when I drag them from left to the album on the right, the tracks are sorted into position 1-15. When I try to drag all tracks to position 31, all tracks are then sorted under 31 and 32-45 remains empty. That doesn’t make much sense, does it?

So either this is a possible bug, or what’s more probable, I’m doing something wrong. Help :slight_smile:

I don’t know an answer, but if I hit the problem you are experiencing then I’d probably cheat and pass those tracks through MP3TAG and hand number them first.

That should then let Picard slot the tracks in sensibly as Picard should look at the track numbers.

OK, I’ll take that hint and try a foobar2000 script next time to re-number them. Files are FLAC.

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I guess you can just hack a a single TAG in foobar2000 in the same way. The neat thing about the simplicity of MP3TAG is it is easy to just rattle down a dozen tracks like that typing the numbers as you go. Then bring them back to Picard for Proper Tagging.

I’ve had boxsets like this before. Picard is getting confused and piling everything into track 31 because those track numbers don’t match. Give it a few more hints and the matches get easier.

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Maybe the Powers That Be could take a note of this and disable “piling” in favor of “Start-from-here”?

At this point, hard to tell. But Picard has bugs for sure :wink:

Can you give examples of releases for which it happens and show files metadata before you drag them? If we can get a reliable way to reproduce it, we’ll be more likely to fix it.

I’ll try. It last happened to me with this release:

I have ripped tracks 34-53 from my disc which I then pre-tagged and tried to match in Picard. File names contain numbers 1-20 as tracks. Tags looked like this:

In this example I think your track titles are probably also confusing Picard and confusing the match. It is not expecting the {5.1 mix} words to be there so rejects the title from the matches as well.

If the titles had been plain matches for the track titles then I think you would have avoided the pile-up.

Neither nor, it’s rather a missing feature. It is just not working the way you had hoped for. Drag and drop just assigns the selected items to what you have dropped it on. So if you drop multiple files on a single track they will get assigned to the track.

What you expected is that it would match the files to this track or any later. So far nobody has asked for this feature. Best would be to open a ticket on https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/PICARD .

Could be a little bit tricky to implement as the files dropped are not necessarily in order. Best probably would be to run the normal “match files to album tracks” operation but ignore all the tracks before the one dropped to.

Here is part of the problem: The track numbers are 1-20. If Picard matches these files to the release it will match the files to the best fitting track according to existing metadata. The track numbers are included in this, so it will match it to tracks 1-20 if the other data (e.g. title) also matches reasonable well.