Does the old forum/post from few years ago no longer exist?


It’s been a few years since I logged in, and after reinstalling Windows and MBP, there are a few of my old posts I need to refer to for my setup. Does the old forum/post still exist please?

Thank you


It’s gone, there’s been vague comments about bringing it back for reference but by now I wouldn’t hold my breath to be honest!

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Hi again aerozol!

That’s a damn shame as there were many helpful posts there, including ones where you helped me also (if memory serves correct). I will have to pick yours and others ‘brainz’ all over again then :slight_smile:


I think that’s from a long time ago. AFAIK the backup of the backup got lost by accident during some of the server accidents and migrations of last year. All of the old forums that exist now are what can be found via Internet Archive (or similar archives):*/


Ahh I thought that archive might be a solution, and I even found one of my posts here…

Unfortunately the actual thread is not archived :frowning:

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Really? I was still waiting. I think there is an open ticket somewhere to close, then.

I found it back from that thread:


Me too. Probably would have been worth a mention…


Yes, the intention was always to somehow archive the forums. We didn’t intentionally crash the server the old forums were hosted on, nor did we intentionally delete the backup copy of their data. There were so many proverbial fires with our servers prior to the migration to “NewHost”, that this is just one thing in many, and I guess we never made a mention of this specifically since it was one thing out of so, so many and @Zas and @Rob and @bitmap were trying to just keep up at all.

That said, I looked over the IRC logs just now, and I can’t find the mention I thought I’d seen of all data from the old forums being inevitably gone, so maybe I’m misremembering something. Maybe @zas or @bitmap can say for sure (and update the MBH ticket if needed)?


Well, there should be a backup.

[17:08:37] <ruaok> chirlu: we have backups from the forums from June 13.
[17:08:49] <ruaok> what should I do with them?
[17:11:23] <ruaok> I have a tar file when/if you’re ready for it
[17:11:53] <ruaok> ideally if we can nuke any emails that might be present in it and stick it into a container, it would be easy to host with MB

(From #metabrainz, 2016-11-11).

If I can get access to it, I can try making a docker container to host them, but it won’t be high priority (I’d still like to see it done sooner than later).