Does Picard support using Release Artist over track artist?

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I still use an ipod for listening to music, so it’s most convenient for me to have all tracks on an album tagged with the album’s release artist when choosing an album to listen to (with featured artists in title as (feat xyz))

I’ve noticed (like with this album, there are some where the artist is inconsistant. Is there an option or plugin that would tag, for instance, the above album as Ghostface Killah for all tracks on More Fish?

Yes there is. Go into Options --> Plugins --> Feat Artists in Titles or Feat Artist Removed which ever suits you best.

EDIT: Looking at your link, the ones like this (Shawn Wigs & Ghostface) are a bit different. AlbumArtist Extension plugin might be useful. I’m not sure, I’ve never used it before.


Try setting this in options > scripting:


Then all metadata loaded from MusicBrainz will have the albumartist set instead of the artist.