Does Picard have Musicbrainz as a cover art source?


As far as I can see only the curated “joint project” Cover Art Archive is used. I don’t know what “whitelist” and “CAA release group” are.

Yes, it is the Cover Art Archive. Thats its official name, it is a joint project between the Internet Archive and MusicBrainz.

“CAA Release Group” means the cover art from Cover Art Archive for the release group instead for a specific release. It is good as a fallback in case there is no cover art uploaded for the exact release you have. But some people also prefer the release group image, because it is often the most typical image representing that album (as opposed to a specific release, which actually might have had a revised or badly printed cover art).

Edit: And “Whitelist” is not so relevant anymore, but some releases used to have direct links to cover art on some specific websites that where whitelisted for cover art use. This was mostly in a time before the CAA existed.


This is exactly what I prefer — no covers with “remastered” stickers and tags or Japanese characters, only the generic, standard cover. From now on I will only use the “CAA Release Group” unless the database turns out to be non-comprehensive or something else.

If this is your thing then you might be interested in using the Picard cover art plugins for and TheAudioDB. Both databases provide high quality artwork and are well integrated with MusicBrainz.

You can install both both plugins in Options > Plugins. After the installation you have to close the options dialog once, afterwards you can configure them as sources in Options > Cover Art. They also provide some settings below Options > Plugins. Especially for you need a personal API key, but that’s easy to get (instructions are in the plugin’s options).