Does indexed search no longer look at Alias sort names?アイリス&type=artist&limit=25&method=indexed only returns 5 results.

It doesn’t include


Why did this not get any replies? I was about to post the same question.

I just tried to look for Pink Floyd’s “Pulse”

Nothing. Because the album is called p·u·l·s·e. The alias is set exactly due to this assumed issue.

I find that “p u l s e” works

Is this at least on a ticket? Or has no one else noticed? does find ★, though.

And also your pulse, here:

(direct search)

I don’t really understand the difference between the search in the corner and direct search. And guess I am not alone in that.

Are you saying this isn’t a bug?

Aliases sort names are supposed to be indexed, and indexed search makes use of them. It might be this specific artist isn’t correctly indexed. I will check further.


The actual release group you are looking for is returned in 400-ish position.

So it is a different issue: “pulse“ is just an alias name, whereas this topic is about alias sort name.



Do I need to start a new thread to ask - why does the “search hint” not get used to push Pulse higher up the results than 400?

I thought Alias “sort hint” meant it is supposed to deal with this situation? Is there any way to get “pulse” back on the first few pages of that search? No one will go down to the 400th entry on a search that only gives you 25 results per page? There are less that 100 matches to “pulse”?