Does BookBrainz have a SPARQL endpoint?

I know it’s still early days at BookBrainz, but is there some way for me to query the live database? I was hoping to get a list with these columns:

  • Publisher name
  • Publisher ID
  • Wikidata item number (where available)

Hi @sibilant!

Currently, we only have an alpha version API running against the test database.
You can try it out in the live docs.

However, with only lookup requests currently implemented, there’s no way to fetch a list as you describe; you would have to know the BBID you want to fetch
You could then fetch that entity as well as its identifiers separately: and

Currently missing are the API endpoints to search for an entity by name and type.
We haven’t currently planned to offer a way to fetch all Publishers (same goes for other entity types).
Out of curiosity, what is your use case?

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Out of curiosity, what is your use case?

There is now a BookBrainz publisher ID property in Wikidata. I thought it would be nice to create a QuickStatement to add publisher IDs to Wikidata more quickly; and then, of course, to add missing QIDs to BookBrainz.

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