Documentation request: What tag formats can Picard manipulate for each file type?

The official list of supported file formats is helpful, but for the purposes of updating Picard’s Wikipedia article (and providing more detailed info in the docs), what tag formats can be written, read, and deleted for each file type? For comparison, MP3tag’s list of supported formats has this kind of detail, but the same information can be presented in a more consolidated fashion.

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Picard currently supports 5 different tagging formats: ID3, Vorbis, APEv2, MP4 and ASF/WM.

There is currently no list which file format is using which tagging format, but you can easily compile such a list by looking into the tagging format implementations at and look at the list of EXTENSIONS.

E.g. in and later lines you can see that ID3 is used for MP3, TrueAudio, DSF and AIFF files.

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