Do pseudo-releases have to really "exist" anywhere else?

hi, first thread! be patient, im a newbie and also i am autistic so if im horrible at wording or explaining or understanding please bear with me

for the sake of example, take this group of releases. the official release has the title in Russian with the Cyrillic alphabet, and the titles in English with the Latin alphabet (with the exception of the final track present in the bandcamp versions of the release, which are also Russian and in Cyrillic).

this album was biggest in Russia, so the songs in English are commonly known as either their translations or transliterations. conversely, the release in English-speaking countries is nearly always referred to as “tsifrovaya serenada” or “digital serenade”, including by the artist (with the final bandcamp track being referred to as “aferist” or “swindler”, though admittedly it’s not a very popular song so it isn’t referred to much).

in cases like this, could i add pseudo-releases with said translations, transliterations, or both? or do they have to actually be in circulation?

thank you in advance for the help!


What do you mean by in circulation?
If it is released, it’s either official or bootleg, not pseudo-release.

Pseudo-release is not released, so you can create as many as you want/need, as an alternate tracklist script to the originals. :slight_smile:

Example, this Japanese Latin release is not a pseudo-release, it’s an official, because it was released as such by a German label.
But this English Latin release by same band, is pseudo-release as it was not officially released.


A pseudo-release is a translated/transliterated tracklist. This is used for both official alternate languages found on the release and for user/fanmade transl(iter)ations.


by “in circulation” i guess i mean “exists in the community” if that makes sense. like how t.A.T.u.'s “200 po vstrechnoy” is widely accepted and used as a transliteration, as opposed to me transl(iter)ating АФЕРИСТКА to “AFERIST”/“SWINDLER” just on my own without much precedent

this makes a lot of sense, i think i understand now! thank you both so much for your help!