Do editors get warned before breaking open edits?

I had submitted an edit to correct the artist credit on a recording. A few days before it passed, an auto-editor submitted an edit to the same recording to replace “and” with “&” (or maybe the other way around). This resulted in my edit being invalidated, (even though it was still useful), and I would have to re-enter it to get it in.

I’m guessing that this is a known issue with Musicbrainz.

Did the auto-editor get a warning when submitting? Something like "You’re about to break someone else’s edit. Are you sure you want to do this?"
Also maybe edits that break other edits should be auto-flagged as votable or something?

Should I submit a feature request to add this?


No, the yellow background indicating pending edits for an entity is the only hint.

You may vote on MBS-7511 if you like, but don’t expect it to be implemented any time soon.


This would be really helpful for those of us non-auto-editors who occasionally break our own edits by accident, too… :blush:


And for cases where your edit is being broken by an identical edit, there is an even more powerful suggestion. :wink: