DJ-Mix (compilation) question: who should be credited as release artist, Delerium or Niels van Gogh?


This release “Remixed: The Definitive Collection” (Release group) being in my collection for years now, only now did I listen to it carefully.
This is a Continuous-in-the-mix compilation of remixed Delerium recordings mixed by Neils van Gogh, except track 12 (track 11 is faded-out and not mixed into this track) which is a bonus track.

1) As a DJ-Mixed compilation mixed by Niels van Gogh this artist should be credited as release artist, no?
Delerium released the original recordings which were later (all) remixed and with these remixes Niels created a continuous-in-the-mix compilation. However, every database (in the world) seems to credit Delerium. And I think I know why which ties into the next point.
2) The cover is the culprit because it leads one to think ‘Delerium’=artist and ‘Remixed: The Definitive Collection’=title.
Could be that the title is actually both parts, ie, Delerium Remixed: The Definitive Collection
Makes a whole lot of sense. A simple (advanced) relationship credit to Niels van Gogh isn’t enough in my view. What’s your take folks?


Should stress out remixed recordings (by other artists of course).