Dispute over correct title of recording

I am in a dispute with another editor over the correct title of this recording, which is 0:31 in length:

As you can see, it appears on two digital releases, where it is listed as “Linus & Lucy” (the well-known Peanuts theme by Vince Guaraldi):

If you preview the 0:31 track, you will notice that it sounds nothing like “Linus & Lucy”. However, if you listen to track 9 on the first link, the 2:56 track titled “Kids (March)”, you will notice that it is actually the Vince Guaraldi song.

Therefore, the label swapped the order of tracks 8 and 9 on the second release, and carried the error over to the second release. Of course, the style guidelines permit corrections of incorrect track orders. Style / Principle / Error correction and artist intent - MusicBrainz

I previously corrected the title of both of these tracks. An Auto-Editor has reverted my corrections, claiming that we cannot correct “official sources.”


As a Normal User, I obviously have no hope of overriding the edits of Auto-Editors. However, anyone who has ever heard the Peanuts theme will be able to identify that this 0:31 track is not “Linus & Lucy,” and that the 2:56 track is “Linus & Lucy.” It seems clear that we are free to correct official sources when they are wrong.


My reading of the error correction guidelines matches yours.

Right now, the 0:31 recording also has a relationship suggesting that it’s a cover of Work “Linus and Lucy” - MusicBrainz, which is incorrect and seems actively bad to me: if someone is looking for covers of the Vince Guaraldi song, they’re going to end up at this weird random song instead.


Yes I think we should fix these sort of obvious errors.


I do not know the song so cannot comment on the swap, but I support your reading of the guidelines. In fact, I have added an entry with swapped tracks myself. Like you, I listed the correct track order and added an annotation to alert other users.


Thanks everyone - I have entered new medium and recording edits at both releases to fix this.

Those edits will actually exacerbate the problem.

  1. The tracks were mislabelled on Kids when originally added
  2. You changed the tracklist and the names of the recordings
  3. a23bed swapped the tracks around, but kept the recordings the same
  4. a23bed swapped the recording used on 55 Lounge Soundtracks

Your new edits are restoring the recordings to how they were before you made your original edits. You need to do the reverse of a23bed’s edits.


Thanks for the note - I canceled my recording edits.

This edit will unswap the recording used on 55 Lounge Soundtracks: Edit #94884103 - MusicBrainz

Now I understand - a23bed “undid” my track merge Edit #91775088 - MusicBrainz by editing the recording directly. Edit #94805478 - MusicBrainz So now I will also have to edit the recording to revert these changes.

Can you clarify what recording edits need to be reverted? I am sure this track used to be 0:31 - are track length edits not tracked in the edit history?

The recordings should be fine, Edit #94805478 - MusicBrainz is reverting Edit #92384179 - MusicBrainz. All I can see that needs changing now is which recordings are used on tracks 8 and 9 of the Kids album. The lengths should correct themselves after that.