Display the number of added releases/mediums in the Statistics of user profile

Hi all,
It would be useful to show in user profile the number of added releases/mediums.
This is an important characteristic of user activity.
Why also mediums? Because adding of one-medium-release having 2 or 20 tracks is not the same thing as adding of box including 12 LP’s or 18 CD’s and multipage booklet.

We could have all added entity counts.
But we would have to count only those not later merged or removed (difficult to do but some users are experts in making duplicates).


I was gonna say, why specifically release/medium adds? jesus has a point.
But then, why explicitly adds? anyone can easily add something. Personally I think it takes a lot more work to edit something, also think about all the work merging duplicated works, recordings, etcetra. All the research it requires to fix up a messy entity.

And I haven’t even started on relationship editing!

More wide-reaching stats would be interesting indeed. But I think maybe a second tab for everything:
Number of: [$type of edit]
and then basically a table where each type of edit gets listed.
It should actually be easy to accomplish this by just querying the database… why a usercript could probably do this!

And not to worry about if entities have been merged or deleted after. That will complicate matters way to much. imho the entire table will stand for itself.


A userscript couldn’t do this, because the database isn’t accessible to them. But adding more per-user stats shouldn’t be particularly hard technically. Two questions: would people want to make this info public or just see it themselves? (like, I’m not sure if I want others to have all the stats of whether I add releases or relationships or other things - but at the same time I would probably be interested on my own stats myself). And: how would this fit the current user profile? Just a separate “Statistics” tab?

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no edits in webservice, right
I hadn’t though of that, perhaps making this an option for people? “show stats extended publicly” or something?
And yea, just another tab like “statistics” or just “Stats”
Possibly even with a link to edit search query of things too? Depends on how resource hungry such a thing would be, or if people definitely would find it too privacy piercing.

On this topic I would shamelessly mention https://loujine.github.io/musicbrainz-dataviz/editor_edits_timeline.html :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably not by default? At least restricted to logged users, as for all edits information?


Is this the kind of thing that can just be implemented server-side as-is?

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Server-side it just uses a simple SQL query, the source is here: https://loujine.github.io/musicbrainz-dataviz/16-editor_contribution_timeline.html
The question is always about adding JS dependencies (here d3js + calendar-heatmap) that might become liabilities if they get orphaned