Display the File / Pathname From the Status Bar somewhere else?

I’m trying to run down where the status bar is actually drawn / populated.

… I want to see about making the File / Pathname information to be always visible somewhere, instead of being overwritten by whatever else is happening with the queries.

Add a second line to the Status Bar, at the top of the metadata list, etc…

…and who knows, maybe figure out how to add a cancel / kill / pause to the queued items list.

Is it all done in mainwindow.py, or is being imported from somewhere else? I can find some of the code that does the numbers on the right side of the status bar, but I’m not seeing where the thing is actually drawn and the source of the message strings that get shown.

My current idea on this is to make this part of the metadata box, with both current and expected path (the latter being a bit tricky to always get right without bad performance impact).

See also the ticket at

The current status bar gets setup in main window with create_statusbar()

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Heh, yeah. That ticket pretty much nails it.
It’s as if I must have written that.

…and the bit about being part of the metadata box is right where I’m headed, so I can have it stay on top no matter what :slight_smile: