Disconnect between relationship role in menu and role displayed

I added this work https://bookbrainz.org/work/6d469eb0-23a0-480a-9a91-69172ae894b7

I noticed that the relationship role that I chose during editing was not the one displayed on the completed page.

I know it is only a word (role vs. contribution), but it puzzled me as I knew that I had selected a particular relationship.

What I really wanted was an editor role, but that doesn’t seem to exist for the Work.

I’m struggling to phrase this in a satisfactory manner with the subjects inverted.
Perhaps we need to find another phrasing altogether; any preference?

Some potential replacements:

  • Author made a contribution to Work / Work had a contribution by Author
  • Author contributed to Work / Work was contributed to by Author
  • Author participated in Work / Work had a participation by Author

How about a hybrid of options 1 and 2:

  • Author contributed to Work / Work had a contribution by Author
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I didn’t realise it was the inverse relationship that differed. I agree with the suggestion made by @rdswift.

And that is now changed, thanks for noticing the discrepancy :slight_smile:

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