Disc only available when bought as a set; how to handle it?

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Disc A and Disc B are available for separate purchases, so it’ll be two different releases in two different release groups. But there is a set that includes Disc A and Disc B and also a bonus Disc C. Should Disc C be made into its own release in a separate release group with annotations that it’s only available in a set along with Disc A and Disc B, or should there be a release group that includes Disc C with Disc A and Disc B in a single release i.e. a three-medium release?

EDIT: I should add that all three discs each are still in their respective packaging.

I would make one release group “Disc A”, a second release group “Disc B”, and a third release group “Discs A+B+C”.


If that is the case, how would the third RG be titled?

I mean, you haven’t given a lot of information, so “Disc A / Disc B / Disc C” as per the multiple titles style guideline?


Once you have the Disc A / Disc B / Disc C release group setup, you can also point back at the Disc A and Disc B as separate entities. If you edit the Release Group you can use the “includes Release Group” realtionship like this boxset does : https://musicbrainz.org/release-group/ac4cb88f-e9ca-4c97-bee4-a60d549f088c


That makes references pop-up when someone is looking at just Disc B.

I make use of as many of the relationships pointers as I can find. Link it all together. And splatter annotations all over the shop so people know what is going on. If I am reading up on Disc B then I want to know about how it was packaged and sold with the other disks.