Disc ID pointing to a different CD release than the one I own

Hi all.
I got this disc ID --> 3gUfFBSjPaPNvpAHlxHhrem8mzI-
It points to a CD release which has a different cover and different label, than the one I own.
How can I correct this? Or is it possible that two different releases share the same disc ID?

This is the entry with the mentioned disc ID:

This is the entry I added using my CD (different cover, different label, different barcode):

Thanks for your help!

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It often happens that two editions share the same DiscID.
But it could also be a mistake on the other release.

But you should anyway add your Disc ID to the release you have just created, because you know it’s right.

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Hi Jesus.
Adding the Disc ID to my release is where I’m failing… I can’t seem to find the spot… can you help? Because when I use MusicBrainz Picard, it recognizes the CD and there’s no way to “Submit Disc ID”…


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There is a “Lookup in browser” button, this will open the disc ID lookup/submission process of MB.org and you can attach your disc ID to the matching release (see the link jesus2099 posted above).

We should finally rename this button to “Submit Disc ID” or such.


Yes, renaming the button would help :slight_smile:

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Just making sure, you mean the ‘Lookup CD’ button right

Already done, will be in the next release.

It’s the “Lookup in Browser” button of the CD lookup dialog. It opens the disc ID search / submission on the MB website. We have a lot of “Lookup in Browser” thingies, which makes this even more confusing.