Disc ID and set Duration not automatic


I was wondering if Track duration could be automatically set up when adding the first Disc ID to a release?
As of now this is not auto if there are some figures set for duration.


This used to happen - don’t know under what condition though. I get a feeling this is something that has only changed in the past few months. May just a be a bug.

I know that CDs I was adding earlier this year to a release were automatically being used to set track times. Used to make me laugh seeing modbot chasing me around. Then it stood out when (s)he stopped and I had to press my own buttons again.

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ModBot only sets times automatically if none of the tracks on the medium have an assigned duration. I’ve not noticed any problems related to this recently.

If even one track on the medium has a duration the set times from disc ID edit has to be entered manually.


Weird… I thought I had seen it automating on new releases I have added, which had Picard seeded times. Probably not then.

@ulugabi has a good idea though with tweaking the automation if there is no other discID.

If Mod Bot cannot be updated for this alternative would be to have a tickbox appearing if no other Disc ID exists to force track duration update


It is preferable how it is now I think because you have to do it manually to see the diff before/after for existing track lengths and maybe spot an issue.


I understand the choice to have user to confirm but:

  • The behavior seems not obvious for users (There are thousands of releases where Disc IDs where added years ago but track lenghts not sent)
  • it requires a lot of time

Could it be possible to have the option directly available while uploading a Disc ID? or at least a warning on the sending page to remember to update manually track lenghs?

Also not linked but it could be interesting to have a counter for each Disc ID to see number of people who contributed the same Disc ID (same as for fingerprints). This could help to icnrease data quality.


I have to agree. This should be done manually when times are already present, setting discid is a data destructive event and should always be reviewed first. I always look over the changes, I have had times where I found releases with different track ordering that had not been caught, re-releases with replaced recordings or edited recordings, and some others I cannot remember. Discrepancies need to be investigated.


Actually now you get the same diff when attaching disc IDs in the first place (thanks @reosarevok!)


That is a new feature (last several months) and I love it.

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