Disambiguation for releases

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I haven’t added a disambiguation comment to a release very often and mostly one of the more useless kind, like “Special Edition”.
But it should be used, if two releases look otherwise identical on the release group page.

But how should it look like? “Fairly short”, okay. Is that a short description or more like keywords? Should it anticipate possible new additions? (existing on Discogs, not present yet)

My example:
I added a release, cloned from a very similar release, made (or at least glassmastered) in Germany. Mine was made by PMDC, France.

I added the price code too as there exists another release with identical discs, but a different inlay (PY 833). Or should I better concentrate on what’s currently there?

Apart from that, I would like to add an approximate release period to releases of unknown release date, even if it’s not necessary to distinguish them from other unknown releases on the RG page. It would be helpful anyway. If I’m looking for a very old release, I could skip one with “2010 or later”, for example.
Would this be acceptable? (within the Guidelines)


Keep doing this, it’s great! :slight_smile:

About the approximate release dates: