Disambiguation doesn't match relationships (Clair de lune)

the orchestrator on Clair de lune (orch. Mouton) is listed as Leopold Stokowski - MusicBrainz

the edit history (1, 2) shows the orchestrator switching, with a dead link explaining the reasoning

i’d like to switch it back, but it’s unclear to me which recordings should be attached to the Mouton one vs. the Stokowski one

any advice/help detangling would be wonderful!

Disentangling such stuff is tedious :wink: First of all I’d move the Mouton “arrangement” from “Arrangement” to “Orchestration” (and of course remove the disambiguation). Then I’d create a new “catch all” for “Unknown Orchestrated Version”, to which I’d move all the orchestrated versions I can’t identify, leaving just the confirmed ones as either “Mouton” or “Stokowski”