Disable Disctotal & Tracktotal

I need help. Picard saves tags in FLAC files - Disctotal, Totaldisc and tracktotal and totaltrack. In some programs, he then shows me a subordinate entry. - the number of tracks 15 shows as 15,15. I would like to disable Disctotal and tracktotal tagging. I think I’ve had it before, but I think I’ve changed something in the settings or scripts and now double-saves

Try $unset(totaldiscs) and $unset(totaltracks) under Options > Scripting.

$unset(totaldiscs) and $unset(totaltracks) - disables completely saved values.
I need to disable - Disctotal and Tracktotal in FLAC files, but script: $unset(disctotal) and $unset(tracktotal) does not seem to work.

I repeat the question.
Why Picard writes tags for both TOTALTRACKS and TRACKTOTAL as well as TOTALDISC and DISCTOTAL. For me, these are double tags. You can somehow force the program to save only TRACKTOTAL and TOTALDISC

The reason why it writes both is for compatibility. As Vorbis tags are not properly standardized among applications some use one notation and some the other. I actually never heard of a program displaying the value twice, though, which tool is this?

You can try the following script to only write tracktotal:


Do the same for the disc total. I have not tested it, but it should work.

Also I think with the next release both $delete(tracktotal) and $delete(totaltracks) will work, depending on which tag you want to have removed. But I have to check the code to see if it behaves as I think it should.

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OK it works. Big Thank you :slight_smile:


Great :slight_smile: Just out of interest, which tools are making trouble with double display of the values?

Sorry, I forgot to answer.
I think I’ve misspelled - in Mp3tag, if I look at the tags, it just shows that the values are twice (not in the main window, but in the preview of tags). I thought I had something wrong in Picard and they are unnecessary


Can I request a setting to let the user select which combination of these tag fields they want to populate in their Vorbis tags?

I personally use the former and I was surprised today when I was doing some testing with the newly released Picard 2.1 (amazing work btw!). I loaded a perfectly tagged Vorbis file into Picard (the track had the green checkmark), pressed save and loaded the file into Mp3Tag only to see that 2 additional “duplicate” values have been written into the file.

I also tried to use $delete(totaltracks) and $delete(totaldiscs) but that just deleted all 4 of the values in both Vorbis and ID3 tags. I also don’t think this should be something that you have to use scripting for.

Could you consider adding this feature in the next version of Picard, please?

Shouldn’t be a problem to slide it in somewhere in the “Tags” section in options. Here is how it could look: https://i.imgur.com/Aqkzv03.png or https://i.imgur.com/HEKjIMX.png. I was trying to figure out how to make it the most customizable to the user and also require them to use at least one of the values so it doesn’t cause any issues, I think this should roughly be it.

It would be really awesome :slight_smile: Thank you!