Digital release with two titles

How to resolve this?

Here the release is called the “2020 Paste Holiday Sampler” (skipping a year, because last year’s was 2018). On the actual download page it’s called “Holiday Sampler 2019”.

Since the “cover art” has no title, I would lean towards the one on the download page, but the other page is more like the “liner notes” for the release.

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To mess it up more, looks like there’s a third precedent option :wink:

‘Paste Holiday Sampler 2019’

Actually, that’s the same as option 2. Nice catch. I think I’ll just coopt that one, since it’s already there, and add an annotation for now.

One could argue that since the 2020 Paste Holiday Sampler page has a larger version of the cover art with a different aspect ratio, it could be considered a different release by MusicBrainz standards. This gets so messy with digital releases. I’ll come back to it later, no time right now.

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