Different recordings, same work in PRO?

This work has basically two recordings (excluding covers):

  • One from Dragon Age: Origins (base game), duration 2:33
  • Another from Dragon Age: Origins: Leliana’s Song (DLC) 0:59
    Song “Leliana’s Song” - MusicBrainz
    Recordings sound differently, i cant say that the short version is partial recording of the “main” version.

From what i understand there is no separate work in PROs for DLC. GEMA have all tracks from DLC, but either no separate work for this one, or it reuses the “parent” work from the base game.
At least 3 PROs i checked have the same ISWC for the work: T-904.807.695-5
Despite the fact that in ASCAP/BMI it incorrectly spelled it still has the same ISWC.

The only thing i noticed already making this post - that songs has the same lyric - at least what they contain in lyric tag field (based on files downloaded from TIDAL). Long version also have an English translation in brackets.

Have anyone encountered this case? May be something in general, when PROs use the same work title for different recordings.

I don’t really understand the problem.
You always have several different sounding recordings of a single work.

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That’s how it should be (not incorrectly spelled, of course :smile:) Different PROs should not register new ISWCs for new recordings of the same work. If the new recording has a different title, it can be registered as alternative title. Quite often new works are registered, but that is not correct. The shorter version could be a partial recording of the work, but it should have the same ISWC.


I understand, that one work could have several recordings and thats completely normal. I am trying to say that that here we (may be) have a work that not related to the second recording (from DLC) - as i pointed above they sound differently and only have the same lyric. So:

  1. PROs simply didnt create a work record for this particular release.
  2. They assumed that if tracks have the same name, then it automatically linked to the same work.

It doesn’t mean different composition.
Every recording sounds differently, even with the same arrangement (which does not grant a new work, even).

Example of same work that sounds differently:

Hm, i may have expressed myself incorrectly - i meant they are really different, its not the music based on the same notes, but with different arrangement.

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