Different pressing of the same release

So I have a copy of https://musicbrainz.org/release/f6f43bf1-0d44-4fbb-982f-f358ab49b542 … even the DiscID matches,

Only instead of being pressed at EMI Uden, it was pressed at EMI Swindon… should/can I just add the relevant pressing details along side the Uden details, or do I need to create a separate release?

Or have I missed MusicBrainz being able to support ‘variants’? (And if it doesn’t should it?)


That is a new release as it is a different factory used to manufacture it. Very common for everything else to match on EMI releases like that.

Haha - just noticed that is my UDEN CD. That Release was added for a similar reason - in my case a different price code.

Also check the other little things. Text under the barcode, price code (PM 520), Rights Society (BIEM/STEMRA) a SWINDON disc is often BEIM/MCPS. If you are due to grab the art, those bits need checking. :slight_smile:

If you check the Release relationships, we have “manufactured in Holland”, “Manufactured at \ Glass Mastered at UDEN”. This another reason the Release needs to be a separate one. This is more than just a variant.


What is that matrix? Is it like this one? Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells (CD) - Discogs

That is the only BIEM/STEMRA and EMI SWINDON combo I spot at Discogs. Now here comes Geek Mode :nerd_face: That has a matrix of 786007 . 3 EMI SWINDON 1-1-1-NL That says the glass master came from Swindon, but was actually pressed at UDEN.

The 1-1-1-NL bit shows the Dutch pressing. Those two bits of text are written in a different style shows the different stages of manufacturing.

The Swindon pressed ones seem to be BIEM/MCPS on the CD.

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I shall do some scanning and add the release :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure mine doesn’t have the 1-1-1-NL bit.


I’m learning so much I didn’t need to (maybe was happy not knowing) about CD pressings, different releases, etc. and telling them apart. At times I wish I hadn’t jumped down this rabbit hole…


Whack a copy of your CD scan on here and I will point bits out.

The EMI SWINDON tells you where that glass master was made, but sometimes these were then sent to UDEN to be pressed. They would scratch that number code with an NL on the discs when they pressed them 1-1-1-NL (NL = Netherlands)

You can also see this is scratched on my CD 1-1-50-NL (Look at 7 o’clock in the matrix ring)

SWINDON pressed disks are more likely to have those codes with colons between them. 7866007 3 : 2 : 7 EMI SWINDON

The BIEM/MCPS or BIEM/STEMRA is on the right of the CD just above the STEREO text. STEMRA being Dutch Rights Society is usually a good hint this is a Dutch pressing. As well as it saying Made in Holland on the rim text.

Other things that can change between factories are the cat numbers on the left. Also you just get plain text placement moving around over the years.

And this CD is an easy one. No little SID codes to chase as it is pre-1994… for those you need strong lights and microscopes to read them.

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Warning… this has the potential to drive you totally mad… When I started editing MB I also didn’t care, and just assume all my CDs came from UK factories. Now I know far too many geeky details.