Different colored vinyl releases

Got another one. This one is about differentiating vinyl versions. I know different barcode/cover art is a definite way to determine if 2 versions should be different releases - take for example the 2 US vinyl release of MASSEDUCTION (https://musicbrainz.org/release-group/53dd291e-372f-4f76-844b-1b5b42df6832). However what about different colored vinyl pressings?

I originally entered the clear deluxe version of Kelela’s Take Me Apart (https://musicbrainz.org/release-group/72ff5e97-05c4-493a-8aea-3bad435a6fd0) as a separate release with the intention of adding the regular vinyl, too. But I know the artwork is the same. If the bar code is the same and only the color differentiates, should they be considered the same?

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This was discussed a bit in:

I don’t think it has come to a resolution yet. I suggest adding it as a separate release and note the color information as a disambiguation comment. That way the information is captured, and it can always be merged later (if and when it is appropriate).


I saw some references to variants in another thread while I researched this. I’ll have to dig deeper. For now I’ll continue with being a little over thorough with these pressings.

I treat the physical differences as a new release. Take Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest Original Video Game Soundtrack, it has a black vinyl version along with the Night and Day split & the blue and green splatter editions.

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I also make a release per edition.

The short solution:
Different vinyl color => Different cover art (for medium) => different release

Often different colors of one and the same release have also different number of pressings or identify later re-releases. A nice example:


There are also examples where every pressing of a vinyl release is unique (marbled). If so, only one release is preferred (per color):


Thanks for the tips everybody!